Great-looking teeth are possible with dental veneers. Don’t worry if you have chipped, broken, or stained teeth; dental veneers are a solution for these problems. Whether you want veneers for a sparkling smile or because of a damaged tooth, cosmetic dentistry is often your first stop in the process. 

At Lovett Dental Sharpstown, our cosmetic dental services can help you achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted. One of the most popular options that we provide is our patients are our dental veneer services. With a wide array of dental veneer styles to choose from, our team of dental professionals will work with you to determine what is the best choice for your smile. First, though, it is often helpful to know more about what exactly dental veneers are.

What Are Dental Veneers?A dentist shows his patient dental veneers in TX

Dental veneers are very thin, tooth-colored shells that are practically invisible when fitted over your teeth. The outcome produces a beautiful look. Dental veneers consist of either porcelain or a resin substance. Both of these substances are strong, durable, and lightweight. Also, the color matches the tooth’s color exactly. Some professionals refer to veneers as porcelain veneers due to the material. 

When you decide to obtain veneers, a professional dental lab technician custom-makes them, thereby ensuring a perfect fit. 

When you secure dental veneer services, you enhance your teeth and smile. Therefore, this procedure is quite popular for those who value a beautiful smile. 

Why Do People Choose to Get Dental Veneers?

As people age, they are more susceptible to things going wrong with their teeth. Over time, you may get chips from overuse, grinding, or a breakdown of enamel in the teeth. Also, as the jawline grows to its full size, the teeth may gap in places.

Other reasons people may want to consider dental veneer services include: 

  • Stained teeth 
  • Cracked or broken teeth 
  • Uneven teeth
  • Wanting a smooth, seamless appearance in the front 

You may desire dental veneers for several teeth or maybe just one tooth. Your dentist will discuss the options you have and what works best for you. 

What Happens When I Decide to Get Dental Veneers?

When you decide to get dental veneers, you will need to meet with the dentist for three separate appointments.  

During the first appointment, the dentist will evaluate your teeth and discuss what your goals are for them. They will also probably take x-rays of your teeth and ensure that you don’t have any underlying problems that would prevent you from getting veneers right away. 

The second appointment consists of developing the mold for your teeth so your dentist can send it to the dental lab. At the lab, dental technicians will custom-create your veneers, so they fit perfectly on your teeth.  

Finally, at your last appointment, you will get your veneers put on. The dentist will use a unique process to ensure your veneers adhere to your teeth.  

What Are Other Services at Lovett Dental Sharpstown?

At Lovett Dental Sharpstown, our dentists are ready to meet with you about obtaining dental veneers. We can evaluate your situation and discuss what you have in mind for your teeth. Our goal is to ensure that you are delighted with your teeth and smile.  

We offer a wide variety of other services too, including: 

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