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Specialty dental services in Sharpstown TX are often needed after relatively minor issues are left unaddressed or neglected. Things like untreated cavities, which more than 1 in every 4 adults in the United States have, can lead to complications such as infections and gum disease.

While regular dental visits are vital to maintaining proper dental health, only 58% of American adults have seen a dentist in the past year. It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least once per year. Waiting to see your dentist until you start experiencing symptoms, such as mouth pain, can lead to the development of serious issues. In fact, 15% of people in the United States made their most recent dental appointment because they were experiencing mouth pain.

What is Specialty Dentistry?

Specialty dental services in Sharpstown TX focus on problems that a general dentist doesn’t treat. Specialty dentists can include:

  • Endodontist
  • Oral and maxillofacial specialists
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontist
  • Pediatric dentist

Specialty dentists complete graduate-level education and residencies. Most specialty dentists have master’s degrees, while some have doctorate degrees. Dental specialist services in Sharpstown TX require specialty dentists to have current licenses in their specialty field.

Dental specialist services in Sharpstown TX includes fields that require the practitioner to perform surgical interventions or complex treatments, such as root canals. Root canal procedures are one of the most common dental specialist services in Houston TX. In fact, more than 15 million root canals are performed annually.

Specialty dentistry services in Sharpstown TX provide treatment for complex dental issues. Orthodontists are another commonly sought out specialty dental service. Orthodontists address issues like crooked or misaligned teeth. Structural alignment issues are also treated by specialty dentists, as well as many pediatric dental issues. Dental specialist services in Houston TX can ensure that all of your oral health needs are met.

A Multidisciplinary Dental Practice in the Heights of Houston

Lovett Dental Heights is a multidisciplinary dental practice offering patients all of these specialist services under one roof. After all, we want to help you achieve your smile goals and do that by showing your teeth the love they deserve. In many cases, that love requires the help of specialty dental services in Heights, TX. Call Lovett Dental Heights today at 972.848.8947 to schedule your visit and learn more about the unparalleled convenience, expert care, and other benefits we offer.

Specialty Dentistry Services in Sharpstown TX

Specialty dental services in Sharpstown TX can include:

  • Root canals
  • Braces, retainers, and mouth guards
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Crowns

If you suffer from misalignment in your mouth, especially as an adolescent, braces are used by a specialty dentist to properly align your teeth. Failing to fix tooth misalignment can lead to jaw problems and pain. Dental specialist services in Houston TX can also help evaluate the severity of your misalignment.

Root canal procedures and crowns are among the most commonly used specialty dental services in Sharpstown TX. Root canals are necessary when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected. Usually, untreated tooth decay and cavities are the cause of tooth infections. A root canal requires a specialty dentist to remove the decay, purge the infection from your tooth and place a crown on top of the treated tooth.

Another common specialty dental need is dentures. Missing teeth, which can occur from severe decay or traumatic injuries, can require the use of dentures or implants. Dentures must be fitted specifically for your mouth, requiring the services of a specialty dentist. Implants are used to replace extracted teeth, which can help maintain the integrity of the mouth line.

Pediatric dentistry is another field of specialty dentistry that is in high demand. Children have unique dental needs, especially because their teeth and bone structure are maturing until adulthood. Specialty dentists are also used to help treat conditions like TMJ, which occurs when you experience severe jaw pain and other symptoms because you grind or clench your jaw.

Specialty dental services in Sharpstown TX can help identify the root cause of your dental pain and treat the underlying issue.

Finding the Best Specialty Dentist Today

If you are experiencing mouth or tooth pain, finding specialty dental services in Sharpstown TX doesn’t have to be hard. Lovett Dental Sharpstown can assist with all your dental needs. To learn more about our specialty dentistry services, call us today at 972.848.8947.